The LG GT505 – Every Social Networker’s Dream

Empowered with a capable internet browser and support for high speed networks under 3G and HSDPA, the new LG phone makes access to your favorite social network sites like MySpace, Facebook and YouTube a real breeze.

Focusing on the social networking craze

Now you can do your internet surfing and access your favorite MySpace, Facebook and Youtube among many social networking site quickly and easily on the road. The phone also instantly alerts you on any updates or developments from your favorite social networking sites as they happen.

Social networking on the road is greatly facilitated over high speed networks that make internet access a snap. The GT505 is tri-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE that supports 3G and HSDPA networks.

Superb Multimedia features

* The GT505 sports a 5 megapixel auto focusing camera with LED flash, allowing sharp and detailed photo shoots in just about any lighting condition. There’s image stabilization to banish blurry images forever. Face and smile recognition are there to add intuitive convenience. It GPS facility enable geo tagging that keeps track of where you took your photos.

* There’s a front video camera that allows for 3G video calling;

* The media players support the popular audio and video file formats in the market. With Dolby 2,0 processing, your music listening experience takes on a higher level of excellence that makes using the GT505 as a music player a real pleasure.

* It supports high speed local networks for wireless Wi-Fi, WLAN and Bluetooth 2.0, ensuring quick file transfers with your desktop or laptop PCs. Transfers of large multimedia audio and video files are sure to benefit from this

All the best in a small package

The LG GT505 is admittedly another black beauty in a market flooded with them. But while it may not stand out, taken on its own, it’s sleek stylish form and rock solid construction is a joy to behold. It’s pocket-friendly to be sure, literally and in price. Presented in a block touchscreen form factor, the GT505 gets a glossy front facade with a 3″ LCD screen that displays vibrant images thanks to its QVGA and 256k color support.

A real thing of beauty, the GT505 is a sure winner for LG. It’s a fully packed mobile that has all the features most mobile phone users will ever need. Plus, a great feature set for your social networking urges while on the road.

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