Nissan Micra Diesel Launched

After much anticipation, the most awaited launch of the Nissan Micra diesel version finally took place on December 10th. Nissan Micra diesel is a car model that has stirred a lot of car enthusiasts and many looked forward for it since before and now that the date of its launching is definite, everyone could not help but feel excited. The Nissan Micra is one of the successful models from Nissan which was launched five years ago and now, the release of the new diesel version is being added to its success. This hatchback from the company is famous as a major player in its market segment because it attracts a large number of clients. With the availability of the diesel option atop its famous hatchback status is going to be far more lucrative for the company. The diesel version of the Nissan Micra will be loaded with 1.5 liter DCI engine that will act as the powerhouse of the car. It is expected to give peak power of 63 bhp and 16.3 kg of beating torque. This Nissan Micra diesel version will be named as XV and XV Premium. A prototype of the car is displayed at an ongoing auto show in the country and it has been attracting hubs. The basic design concept of the Nissan Micra is carried in the several diesel versions as well except that there were a few twists and turns that were implored. The reduced height of the Nissan Micra is a perfect example. It stands 1525 mm as compared to the 1530 mm height of the petrol version. The VX Premium variant of Nissan Micra Diesel is the top variant and it will also have a better wheelbase of 15 inch and 75/60 R15 tyres against 165/70 R14 in its petrol variant. Part of the little changes that the company has included in the diesel version is the leather cover of the gear knob and the steering. But then other features were removed while designing the model. Some of these are the passenger airbag, security alarm system, brake; ABS and EBD assist among others. The company is yet to make an official statement on the pricing of the Nissan Micra Diesel but speculations are steaming that it would be around Rs 4.5 Lakh. Many look forward to how tight this new car could come into the competition.

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