Features Of R4 Ds

Now R4 DS is also know as R4 Revolution which is a next generation flash card used with the Nintendo DS & Lite consoles in the market. Today it seems to be the most popular NDS card in many parts of the world. Aware users know that this card will completly unlock the Nintendo DS console. Also it helps in watching movies, playing MP3’s and storing hundreds of homebrew apps. And the user should be aware of such functions these types of cards before buying from the market. It appears as a small device which is the same size as the original NDS cart in the market. Apart from that r4 ds also acts as a complete solution with no need to purchase any additional components.

Consumers should be aware with the features of r4 ds before buying from the market. It is important for the users to have the branded such cards in order to avail best performance from the devices. Apart from that it is acting as a truly and the easiest media enhancer in the market. Being a user of such cards its important that your card should have peripheral for any regular Nintnedo DS or NDS lite owner. It is found that currently this card comes in as one of the best slot 1 Nintendo DS flash card in the market. It also delivers ROM compatibility which is virtually 100%, just as long as user cheap the right brand of memory. Many companies are in a race to produce best r4 ds such as Kingston which is giving better performance than Sandisk.

The features of r4 ds counted as most important aspect of such cards as enable to do best functioning such as 2nd generation storage device ,Flush fitting slot 1 card ,Uses MicroSD card, FAT16 or 32, Supports any MicroSD card speed with no lag in game , Supports Clean ROM, drag and drop, works on any OS, Built in NoPass , automatically detect save type ,Save directly to MicroSD card, not to onboard chip ,supports Moonshell and other homebrew, open I/O interface ,User friendly skinnable interface, Supports rumble pak and memory pak ,Supports the WiFi game, DS Rumble Pak, DS Browser, Supports the Soft Reset , Supports Action Replay cheat , and much more.

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