Compaq R3400 LCD screen

Referring to laptop screen, some are fond of the widescreen laptop. Others have bias to the widescreen laptop. This 15.4 inches Compaq R3400 LCD screen has its advantages and shortcomings.

To be honest, this Compaq R3400 LCD screen has a very good visual effect as well as the other widescreen laptops. Compared to the traditional 4:3 aspect ratio LCD screen, widescreen is used in TFT-LCD with 16:10 aspect ratio which is closer to the human eye vision of the golden section. People feel more open and comfortable while watching movies with this Compaq R3400 LCD screen. Compared to traditional 4:3 LCD screen, widescreen 16:10 LCD are twice square to that.

For the user’s daily work, the adoption of a 16:10 wide-screen is equivalent to two traditional 4:3 display area. So the use of widescreen laptops can open two or more windows at the same time, thereby improving efficiency. Like this  it’s very convenient to operate, especially when I have to open several windows at the same time.

In fact, the greatest misunderstanding of the widescreen is that it’s good to play games.  That is really nonsense. First of all, I do not agree with playing games with the laptop, especially the big games. Some users are concerned that the pictures will turn distorted in the widescreen. It’s the old laptop or old games that have this problem. At present, the game software can be fully and clearly showed on the widescreen. And I use to have this concern. Well, I seldom play games on my laptop. If I do, I use my desktop.

Of course, the widescreen is not perfect. In the purchase, due to fairly wide so far it is a big selling advantage. The price is still at high position. Under the same configuration of laptop computers, the price of widescreen is 10%~15% higher.

As a new born stuff, there is a great space to grow and develop. And more users will accept this widescreen laptop and get used to it.

Compaq R3400 LCD screen,